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Empower your health coaches, nutritionists, or practitioners to proactively help customers engage in behaviors and reach their goals.

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AI generates interactive messages

• Cut through app noise with SMS or other services like WhatsApp.

• Easily engage in hyper-personalized, conversational, and relevant interactions.

Accountability by adding a human touch

• It is clear messages are sent by your health team members.

• 6.5X higher rate of success when users feel accountable to another human.

Improve metrics

• Increase in-app engagement +50%

• Improve reorder, upsells & renewals +70%

• Increase month-one retention +15%

1. Your deep expertise

Define your own sequence of daily goals and interactions.

Train it with your product, protocol, and support documentation.

2. AI with guardrails

Screening for liabilities and inaccuracies.

Messages are flagged or escalated for human intervention.

3. Behavioral engagement

Proven judgment-free methodology that effectively changes behavior

Balances encouragement, nudging, pushing, and accountability

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